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Living with Memeo AutoBackup Pro

A number of months ago, I upgraded my home networking backup by adding a Buffalo TeraStation 2TB NAS. It comes with the basic Memeo AutoBackup software. I upgraded to the Pro version shortly thereafter.

I like the convenience of automated backups since I often forget to start a manual backup . However, I found that living with Memeo ABP was painful: it slowed my system to a crawl and often I would be locked out of using the files I use the most (which of course are the ones that I need backup up).

I know that there are better automated software packages available, but I decided to stick with Memeo because I found a simple, workable solution that makes living with it very tolerable. When I'm busy on my machine, I "Pause All Backups > Indefinitely". This is easily set in the pop-up menu you get by right-clicking the icon in the Windows XP system tray. When I leave for lunch or whatever, I set it to "Resume All Backups". Usually, by the time I return, all the backups are done.

My comments applies to the Windows XP version.

2010 Update: I gave up on Memeo and switched to Oops! Back up. I love it!