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Shareware (Windows® 7 x64, 32-bit XP Pro, 98SE )

  • Batch Rename
    Have you ever wanted to rename many files at once? Change all from uppercase to lowercase, or remove a common prefix or suffix? Check out my BatchRename utility for an easy way to do some simple renaming of multiple files.
  • List Rename
    Do you need to rename lots and lots of files and you'd like to be able to just provide a list of the old name and the new name for each? Check out my List Rename utility for an easy way to rename files by listing the old/new names in a text file and using that file as input to the program.

Note: You use shareware at your own risk. There is no warranty expressed or implied with any of my shareware software. It is your responsibility to adequately test the safety of all software on your system. I have tested my software on my own Windows® 7x64, and 32-bit Windows® XP Pro and 98SE systems, but do not have the facilities to test on other versions and installations. I am not responsible for problems caused to your system, hardware or software or any other component.